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Aride Island Seychelles

Aride Island is a gem in the crown of Seychelles and is a granitic island located 10 km ahead of the popular Praslin Island. This island is home to some of the most stunning seabird species in the Indian Ocean with more varieties than any other island in Seychelles. Seychelles law declared the island to be known as Aride Island Nature Reserve and handed over management to the Island Conservation Society of Seychelles in 2004.

If you find yourself slightly intrigued about the history of Seychelles some 250 years ago before human beings made it their own, you should head to the reserve to view nature in all its untouched glory. Interestingly, the number of people who stay on this island is a countable few and includes rangers, conservation officers and two volunteers. Book an Aride Island tour from Angel Tours in Praslin, Seychelles and have the time of your life!

Coco Island Seychelles

Not far from La Digue, the rich depths of Coco Island are a real natural aquarium. Around this idyllic isle bathed by crystal-clear waters, you can swim amid turtles and hundreds of fish above a wealth of coral. Top-quality sites are not rare in the Seychelles, but lovers of snorkeling should not leave the archipelago without exploring this exceptional spot.

The area to explore is at the edge of Coco Island (facing the small white sandy beach) and near the islands surrounding it. During an organized excursion, there is little scope for independence and you will generally be accompanied by your guide throughout the exploration. He can show you the most interesting areas and give you a good glimpse of underwater life. Book a Coco Island tour from Angel Tours in Praslin, Seychelles.

Cousin Island Seychelles

One of the eco-friendliest places on the planet, Cousin Island is a must-see for any Seychelles visitor. Located just one mile off of Praslin Island, this place has lush mangroves, dense forests, freshwater swamps, a rocky coastline, and beautiful sandy beaches.

Cousin Island became the first “sea and island reserve” in the Indian Ocean after it was purchased and converted from a coconut plantation in the 1960s. Overseen by Nature Seychelles and protected by the local government, this nature reserve is heaven for animal lovers and eco-travelers.

When you are arriving, you won’t dock on the shores of Cousin Island. Since this place is an essential refuge for so many animals, the Nature Seychelles conservationists are very careful to keep the wildlife safe. This means that you’ll be ferried over to the island on a smaller boat to make sure that there aren’t any pests hopping off your boat with you.

Curieuse Island Seychelles

The island is notable for its bare red earth mountains and was originally named "Ile Rouge" due to its red coloured soil. In 1768 the French claimed possession of the island, renaming it after the schooner "La Curieuse", a ship that was under the command of explorer Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne. Over the years the island faced severe soil erosion following several incidents of fire. The first significant fire was in 1771. Its scars can be seen today, 247 years later.

Curieuse is the only other island apart from Praslin where the unique coco de mer trees grow in their natural state. The nut, one of the cultural icons of Seychelles, grows naturally on Praslin, where its main forest, the Vallee de Mai, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In 1967 a fire destroyed much of the vegetation on the island, including more than 150 cocos de mer palms. Following this, the government took ownership of the island and introduced various restoration and conservation projects.

The island was the first island to receive a group of giant land tortoise from the Aldabra Atoll – a UNESCO world heritage site. The relocation was initiated by former President France Albert Rene; it started in 1978 and ended in 1982. Today, Curieuse is home to more than 300 Aldabra giant tortoises, some staying around the Ranger's Station and the rest roaming around on the island. The Seychelles National Parks Authority also has a nursery breeding these species.

Felicite Island Seychelles

This heavily-forested granite island is located just 4 km from the northern coast of La Digue, and is a popular destination for day-trippers, with the crossing taking just twenty minutes. Approximately 3 km long and 1.3 km across, the island reaches a maximum elevation of 277 metres, a peak that shares its name with the island itself.

Until 2007, there was luxury accommodation here, booked directly through the La Digue Island Lodge. This accommodation had many prominent celebrity guests, including Steffi Graf and Tony Blair. Once upon a time, Félicité acted as a nobile exile, especially during the 19th century. For example, the Sultan of Perak was banished to the island, accused of murder. He was released a few years later.

The luxury resort is perfect as a secluded island getaway as well as part of a Seychelles island-hopping holiday; it is ideal for families as well as couples, particularly those celebrating a special anniversary and also makes the ultimate honeymoon retreat.

Sister Islands Seychelles

The islands of Grande Soeur and Petite Soeur are often referred to as the Sister Islands and are situated in the northeast of La Digue and in close proximity to the Cocos and Félicité islands.

The Grande Soeur, a privately owned island has all what it takes to be your perfect hideaway and destination. A short boat ride from Praslin will take you to the most beautiful and deserted white sandy beach with panoramic ocean views; a wonderful relaxation and photo spot during the North West Monsoon; however it can be dangerous as it is quite exposed from May to October. Grande Soeur is a popular spot for an authentic and mouth-watering barbeque on the beach and which can be combined with snorkeling or diving in the clear crystalline waters of Cocos Island or other neighboring snorkeling or diving sites.

Hiking is also an especially rewarding way of exploring the beautiful landscape and enjoying the beautiful views which surrounds the island.

St. Pierre Island Seychelles

This litte island, actually not more than a rock formation, is called Île Saint-Pierre and belongs to Outer Islands District of the Seychelles. It’s very popular with day tourists coming by boat from Praslin Island for snorkeling trips and is one of the most photographed spots on the Seychelles.

St. Pierre is just one of the many small islands in the Côte d'Or bay on Praslin's north-west coast. This tiny, 5,000 square-metre island lies about 1.5 km away from the beach of Anse Volbert.

The granite rock that towers out of the turquoise sea, with its small palm crown, epitomises the Seychelles perfectly. St. Pierre is popular with snorkellers and sailors, and you can also swim here if you like. Almost every boat trip from the neighbouring island of Praslin finishes its tour with a snorkelling excursion here. In addition to countless colourful reef fish, you will also likely see sea turtles here, while, high above the island, white-tailed tropical birds fly around, surveying the area.



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