Top 4 Attractions of Praslin in Seychelles:

Top 4 Attractions of Praslin in Seychelles

Pristine and amazing, the Seychelles is a star in numerous tropical island fantasies. Beautiful natural reserves, gardens, wildlife, boulder-sprinkle beaches and Seychelles lifestyle are just some of the many attractions of the Seychelles. The Seychelles lie near the equator. Almost half of total area in Seychelles is protected. There are many attractions in Seychelles which attracts many tourists throughout the year.

Here is the list of attractions which will invite you in Seychelles:

1) Vallee de Mai- National Reserve In Praslin

The park is also describes as "Garden of Eden" it is the heart of Praslin which was placed under protection as far back as 1966 due to their uniqueness and the location. Vallee de Mai is listed as Gorgeous World Heritage - is one of only two places in the world where rare coco de mer palm arise in its natural state. It is also well known for birding hot spot – watch the beautiful blue pigeon, Seychelles endangered black parrot, native Seychelles bulbul and Seychelles warbler of which are the rarest species in the wild.

There are three hiking trails, leads through this ancient forest which remained completely untouched until the 1930s. All of them are easy to hike and some of them are between 1km-2km which is perfectly fine for families. As you walk in the middle of the forest, the atmosphere is spectacular, with the nightmarish leaves of the coco de mer hanging 30m to a shady covering of huge leafs. There are other regular trees to look out including several species of latanier palms and screw pines.

You will miss so much if you go alone. We recommend taking a private guide for about one to two hours. There are free guided visits also available at 9am and 2pm. There is a cafe, an informative visitor centre and some excellent shops available on-site.

2) Anse Lazio & AnseVolbert - Beach In Praslin

Anse Lazio, is listed up in the world's most beautiful beaches, it looks picture perfect, sets on the northwest tip of the island. These long beaches are the most famous strand on the island. The pure turquoise water, white powder crystalline sand and takamaka trees make every moment feel like heaven. It’s great for safe swimming, sunbathing, snorkeling and scuba diving. There are plenty of facilities available including a beachside restaurant and hotels. Despite its popularity, it never feels crowded.

3) Markets & Church

Seychelles trip cannot be completed without a roam through the covered market. According to African standards it’s small, but it’s a colorful, buzz place. Alongside fresh vegetables and fruits- stalls sell local herbs and spices, as well as the usual variety of shirts. Early morning is the best time for purchasing seafood when fishermen display their amazing variety of stuff.

There is an impressive Cathedral noticeable for its artistic structure. La Domus is an extraordinary building immediately west of the Cathedral - a national monument and the priest's residence.

4) Giant Tortoise Farm - Wildlife Reserve in Praslin

The keeper at the giant tortoise farm shows visitors round the pens, after that you are free to explore the rest of the island.

Giant Tortoise Farm, the amazing and wise Tortoises of the islands await your visit while you explore the Islands of Seychelles. These Giant Tortoises are indigenous to the Islands of Seychelles. These majestic yet incredible creatures have been protected as a part of the conservation effort that has been going on continuously over the years in the country. There is a farm on the Curieuse Island which is open for visitors to enjoy the company of these Giant Tortoises.

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